“Hello... Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic East...” - The Frontliners -
  • Jonna LimSenior Front Desk Receptionist
    She was part of Mount Pleasant East since it first started before she left to pursue other interests. But her passion for animals made her come back to be part of this family once again. She possesses valuable experiences which makes her a valuable team player.
  • Eunice

    Started at Mount Pleasant (Whitley) in 2013, she has a Singapore special that she adopted when it was 6 weeks old, it's king that rules her home and the apple of her eyes. She also has a cat that she adopted when she was working in Whitley. She loves working around animals and would put them before others. During her rest day, she enjoys being with her pup at home, watching movies and immersinf herself in museums.

  • Chan Yi MinFront Desk Receptionist
    She loves working around animals. Before coming to Mount Pleasant (East), she was working at a dog café as a team leader. Wanting to learn more about small animals, she decided to join Mount Pleasant to gain more knowledge. Her hobbies are baking and cooking for her furry kids and bringing them out.